Use the laser engraving machine protection measures

2017-03-08 16:17:29 jiayulan 162

                                                                                                                        Use the laser engraving machine protection measures

Takeaway: laser engraving machine is widely used, cutting and engraving speed is very fast, so, also prompted the laser engraving machine engraving machine to the top of the application of industry equipment. But as laser equipment, how many will be according to the human body into when use some radiation hazard, especially the laser welding and flame cutting, very large operators eyes hurt.

Protective equipment of laser cutting machine is a typical laser protective goggles, due to avoid the laser protective goggles to the human eye injury, according to its principle of protection can be divided into reflection, absorption, diffraction and combined several, of course, they will be on the basis of laser cutting machine laser radiation wave productive line filter protection, in order to maintain in the body of laser cutting machine laser, which is on the market is relatively safe lunch protective equipment of laser cutting machine.For plasma arc plasma cutting machine may also adopt this kind of protection.

1. According to the national or local regulations, wear a protective layer of dark eyes or goggles, or welding working cap, to maintain the eyes from the flame for its light, ultraviolet and infrared light damage of plasma arc.

2. Strengthen the resistance to radiation The human body if have enough level of well-being, slightly radiation about laser cutting machine is able to resist. Because these food can help human better maintenance of eyes, let the human body can be in radiation under the conditions of laser cutting machine, and better maintenance of the body.

3. At the scene of the arrangement of cutting, can take the following measures to reduce the ultraviolet reflex or radiation: paint the workplaces, the metope of the dark to minimize radiation; Shield or running to reduce ultraviolet radiation.

4. When the eyes, goggles or working cap lenses have cave, please change immediately.

5. Work area of the staff don't look straight into cutting arc or flame.

The above are some laser engraving machine operator commonly used in protective measures, from all aspects to do a good job of the most basic protection and security, not only can better operating equipment, may also be better to do a good job of personal protective safety.