Rubber plate laser engraving machine engraving machine rapidly occupation of dominant position

2017-03-03 11:22:00 jiayulan 137

                                                                                                                                           Rubber plate laser engraving machine engraving machine rapidly occupation of dominant position

Takeaway: rubber sheet, is refers to the rubber as the main materials, rich fabric or sheet metal enhancement data, made by vulcanization with thickness and large-area must flake products. Leading rubber sheet cutting carving craft highly pay attention to. Laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser to spurt the code machine is widely used, rubber plate laser engraving machine also was born, and in the "wind" at the same pace as quickly occupy the market dominance of carving machine.

Different conditions using choose different rubber plate, different process requirements using different rubber plate laser engraving machine. However, most of the rubber sheet laser equipment comply with the following features. First, sophisticated precision machinery, control technologies in combination with high and new technology such as data transmission is an expression of advanced science and technology; Second, laser carved machine, computer automatic control applied to traditional manual plate making field, so as to improve the level of processing of the rubber sheet; Finally, equipment processing platform to increase slope function, albeit small resistance to print bar code and design can be over a long period of time.


There are specializing in, for example, made of steel sheet metal processing industry, optical fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine in the advertising industry have stickers, laser cutting machine in the apparel industry with triaxial dynamic laser marking machine, and the same, also have advanced rubber in your rubber manufacturing laser engraving machine. Only after understanding and familiar with, you know how to choose laser equipment to fit his needs.

In industrial and mining enterprises, transport, building and other industries, the use of rubber special wide, can be used as the sealing aprons, pads, doors and Windows seals, floor, etc. So rubber status more and more important, and also made of rubber plate engraving machine also has a more and more important position.