• Name:CNC Router 1325

1.More accurate, more intelligent, more humane, more user-friendly, easier to use, more durable!

2.Transmission speed: Double axis with helical rack , fast speed, high efficiency, traveling speed can be 40 meters /minute.

3.High engraving speed: Adopting highspeed drive stepper (or servo) motor and drive, Y axis using a dual motor drive, high precision rack drive, with the strong cutting of the spindle to make engraving speed faster.

4.Stable operation: adopts imported linear square guide rail, double row and four ball slider, loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long service life, imported ball screw and high precision, the knife accurate.

5.Intelligent control: Adopting special control system (NC studio) system, with breakpoints membory function, power off, cutting knife continued carving, with the characteristics of high stability, high efficiency, and easy to learn.

6.Durable:whole machine is with steel structure welding &casting , steel is strong, great efforts, rotation is a smooth, long time highspeed operation of no deformation, no jitter.

7.Gantry style mobile, can work on the surface of the material, strong and durable.

Machine size1300×2500mm
Work Envelope1300×2500mm
Power of  Spindle6KW*3
Spindle speed6000-18000rpm/Min
Max.cutting speed10m/Min
Working voltageAC380V/50Hz
Command codeHPGL  G Code