• QIs the training regular or needed active application by customers?

    Need active application by customers. We will provide one-to-one professional training according to the requirements of customers.

  • QHow long can customers enjoy the training?


  • QIs the training free or paid?

    Free within product delivery time, charge according to actual demands in usage period.

  • QWhere is the training place?

    1) Customers come to the company for training;
    2) Trainers come to customer sites for training;

  • QWhat kind of training forms will be provided by Meiman Laser?

    Onsite training, remote guidance and mailing letters.

  • QWhat contents will be provided by Meiman Laser for customer training?

    Customer training is an important part of market service system. Besides the early technical communication,Meiman Laser will conduct a complete technical training, the training contents are as following:
    1) Introduction of equipment performance, structure and principle;
    2) Introduction of laser security protection knowledge and notice;
    3) Machine switch order, maintenance and simple eliminating failure;
    4) Exchange and notice of conventional optical components and vulnerable parts;
    5) The use of marking software and all kinds of related drawing software, processing parameters and methods.