Optical fiber laser marking machine when the choose and buy of three matters needing attention

2021-05-06 11:39:50 jiayulan 143

                                                                                    Optical fiber laser marking machine when the choose and buy of three matters needing attention

We are buying fiber laser marking machine, be sure to know we choose to focus. Understand our own needs, to choose and buy gratified flexibly product. Today is for everybody to introduce, fiber laser marking machine to choose three golden rules, for your reference.

One, the quality of the product:

We buy a product, first of all to see is the quality of the products. Only high quality products, to meet our requirements. Optical fiber laser marking machine as marking industry, using the most advanced wind cooling technology, light conversion efficiency up to 50% above, all systems of only 500 w laser source, and do not need water cooling system, adopting air cooling can meet the needs of the system.

Second, the product price:

In addition to product quality, we also care about the price of the product, which is the core of buy products. A cost-effective products, is worth us to buy. Optical fiber laser marking machine, though expensive than other product, but from long-term point of view of the investment, fiber laser marking machine is far higher than the rate of return on marking equipment in general. Is it convenient to maintenance and long service life, marking a precise, these are we cannot ignore the advantages.

Three, product after-sales:

Only has perfect after-sale system, is a qualified product. A no after-sale protection, there is no professional technical support, it is a good product, we cannot buy, because no one dare to guarantee the machine in use process will not appear a little problem, and there is a problem we need professional and technical personnel to solve. So, it is very important to perfect after-sales.