Metal depth carving test of 30w fiber laser

2018-06-09 11:16:35 admin 566

In recent years, as the country's emphasis on environmental protection, in the past on the molds, plates, hardware accessories and other products with traditional application of corrosion process for carving depth, have turned to laser technology.

Compared with traditional methods, laser metal engraving has the advantages of pollution-free, high precision, flexible carving content and complex carving technology.

Because of differences in the different application field, the appropriate carving depth requirements, laser deep carved effect have also been asked to identify, such as the hardware industry in pursuit of carving depth, electronics background on delicate and precious metals industry.The common materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, precious metal, etc.In this paper, the engraving depth capability of different fiber lasers on conventional metal materials is compared.

Test configuration

Laser:Q 30W
speed:1000mm/s   power:95%
Graphic:10 * 10 squaresFrequency:30KHz  Fill the gap:0.03mm
Number:18/minBow to fill

(2) Experimental results