Laser marking machine is newest application value and field

2022-05-05 00:20:15 jiayulan 1369

                                                                                                                             Laser marking machine is newest application value and field

Learned, laser marking machine can be divided into the semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, the introduction of laser marking technology, greatly changed the working environment, greatly improving the work efficiency, not only save the human resources, also save a lot of time, normal product identification, general use only 2-5 seconds, if use line to fly the marking, the speed more fairly quickly. And from the Angle of environmental protection, broke through the traditional process can't do.

Laser has good monochromaticity, high energy density, good space control and time control, and a series of advantages, it has been widely used in material processing, laser marking machine of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, chemical industry, packaging, medical equipment, etc. Combined with computer numerical control technology, laser marking machine technology has become the key technology of industrial automation, such as laser marking machine for non-contact, high speed, no noise, high precision machining of various complex shape can be objective, and not usually in the sense of "tool" wear and tear, do not need to replace the "head", this year in China is expected to increase at a rate of about 20-30% per year on average.

Laser marking machine manufacture 70% of the links are applied to the laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment, particularly in recent years, high power, high-energy ultraviolet laser marking machine, deep ultraviolet and the development of ultrafast laser processing technology, to promote the development of the intelligent mobile phone manufacturing technology. This is related with the nature of laser technology and the nature of the mobile phone precision manufacturing, on the one hand, due to the laser with high power density, good directivity, prominent characteristics, such as clean, efficient, environmental protection trend of laser processing technology instead of traditional processing technology is increasingly accelerated, its micro processing advantages in laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine need equipment has obvious advantages.

Facing fierce competition from both at home and abroad, many companies are trying to integrate resources, reduce production cost, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, excellent laser marking machine equipment, improve product quality, mining potential development for the enterprise to bring greater change, gradually to the global launch of the top ten series of nearly hundred models involved in packaging and printing, textile and garment, leather fabric, craft gifts, model, mold, advertising, decoration, hardware and sanitation and other industries and fields, highly praised by the masses of users and trust, most valuable industrial laser equipment, is worthy of the small and medium-sized power the leader of laser equipment, industrial automation, promote national progress and development of laser industry.