Increase the speed of optical fiber laser marking machine?

2021-05-06 11:42:25 jiayulan 83

       The purpose of the optical fiber laser marking machine is to bring a higher production efficiency, to create more value, so how to improve the optical fiber laser marking machine marking speed?The laser marking factory technicians to everyone.

One, the main factors influencing the fiber laser marking machine is divided into two aspects of internal factor and machining.Internal factors mainly for the laser frequency, laser speckle pattern and the beam divergence Angle, laser power, reasonable optical plastic with the auxiliary gas when processing, the material.Internal factors mainly in early models matching of time attention, should follow the advice of laser engineer to choose and buy.Another factor leading to the customer need to pay attention to when processing, mainly for the density of marking, marking format, mark depth and laser spot size.

Second, the density of marking At the same level, the same spot, under the condition of the same depth, density play mark is higher, corresponding to the marking speed will be slower, the reason for the density directly increases the target area.

Three, marking format Because of large-format marking the galvanometer deflection size increases, so the large-format marking speed slower than the small surface marking speed.

Four, marking depth According to the demand, if you want to play mark depth deepening, need to adjust the parameters of the optical fiber laser marking machine, increase the power of optical fiber laser marking machine, factors such as current, therefore in the process of these will affect the speed of marking.

Five, the laser spot size The smaller spot corresponding marking the smaller volume, therefore, the light, the greater the underlying the faster.

The above is to improve the speed of optical fiber laser marking machine marking technique, I believe you, according to these methods is the ability to increase the speed of marking and create higher benefits.