Optical fiber laser marking machine features and applications on different models

2021-05-06 11:41:17 jiayulan 244

                                                                                                                                 Optical fiber laser marking machine features and applications on different models

Optical fiber laser marking machine is very fast in processing, the speed is high, the thin stainless steel material, according to different material and thickness will have corresponding change, fiber laser marking machine at the time of processing, thermal effect is very low, the traditional marking technology, laser need to produce high temperature, so as to minimize the damage to material and coating materials. In processing after use will be the material of surface treatment of clean, so our optical fibers laser marking machine what are the applications?
The application range of the optical fiber laser marking machine:

1, ABS plastic, such as: electrical shell, electronic products, such as product serial number, LOGO, etc.

2, pottery and porcelain, EP materials laser marking: electronic component packaging, IC, building materials, pipes, etc.

3, printing ink and paint: panel, mobile phone keys, small commodity parts, etc.

4, metal and its oxide surface marking: auto parts, hardware fittings, metal shell, stainless steel products, etc.

Optical fiber laser marking machine suitable for any industry, bring their own scale, for calibrating a simple accurate; Large work surface, and can realize large scale continuous uninterrupted marking, fiber laser marking machine system adopts the integrated design, small size, low power consumption, long life, high efficiency, free maintenance, laser beam with high quality, fine spot, needs no consumables, fiber laser marking machine scanning galvanometer is imported, superior performance of the servo motor, power is outstanding, transmission is rapid, stable, with functions of analog and digital transmission, software operation is simple, powerful.

Most of the materials, including steel, aluminum and alloy after laser processing, the surface will not appear obvious deformation or damage, to maintain the original appearance and characteristics of materials; Unilateral processing without contact, because the working principle of the laser beam focus for non-contact, so only need to unilateral effect in a distance on the material; Material deformation is small, a lot of material deformation can be controlled within a few percent mm.