Introduction to the laser marking machine evolution

2021-05-06 11:41:42 jiayulan 112

        Actually this kind of evolution has a more apt metaphor, that is playing the blame upgrade, you ascend to the next level there are still many scores, so can't just silly wait ah, if you want more you must develop skills, learning strategies, equipment and equipment, as a result, may your series is only 20, but with those skills, tactics and equipment, you can also to somebody else's 20 level form the cruelty of the whiteboard, but in the end the laser marking machine are the every day, although to sublimate inherent series is difficult to the next level, but are thriving from each branch above, said a more image points, like the original machine only static marking, can now be on the line for flight marking, and most of the machines were originally only to inherent like marking on the plane and same size of the object, such as eggs, light bulbs, now the oval three-dimensional objects as well as marking, and one a marking is too slow right, the line, laser laser equipment co., LTD. 

       We have eight location of laser marking machine, eight play, geely, how?Not fast enough?That with our laser machine with particular fixture on the assembly line again.Of course, is just a technical already can't meet the demand of market development, so in addition to marking do some part-time job?Can also to clean metal and plastic products, rust removal, in addition to paint it, and carved marks, etc.